There’s nothing wrong with people But you can't self-love your way out of systemic oppression

There’s nothing wrong with people
There’s nothing wrong with people


“There is nothing wrong with people” seeks to respond to the vital need of many to redefine not only our inner relationships but also our ways of relating to each other and our environment. The programme, its shape arranged by Citylab, is both an unapologetic and an intimate response in search of tools and spaces of healing. 

“We, cultural workers, who more than ever choose to provide support to express or represent the common traumas we go through, explore this fact of healing not as an end to be reached but as a process. We want to create "safer" spaces of care, resilience, and action through various experiential and presentational moments in which concerned people, activists, artists, healers, and community organizations come together. This way, they can exchange and experience with the audiences, and acknowledge and do justice to the voices of those present. All of this in recognition of the impact of multiple oppressive mechanisms.”

• As a creative incubator for art and artivism, Citylab supports Brussels-based talents when developing and imagining their perspective on urban futures. In this creative process, self-formed artists define themselves, what art is, and develop an artistic voice to tell their own (vision on) herstories, hxstories, or histories. In July 2021, Kaaitheater and Citylab worked together for the first time with the Inside Out festival, which functioned as an artistic mirror of life at the centers of BXL. 

The There’s nothing wrong with people programme is conceived and curated by Bouchra Lamsyeh and Johanna Couvée. Next to being a cultural doula, multidisciplinary artist, actor, DJ, activist, and juridic advisor, Bouchra Lamsyeh is also co-responsible for the artistic programming of Bâtard Festival. Johanna Couvée is a cultural manager, consultant, and artist coach working for Citylab. She is trained as a somatic psychologist and researches ways to build bridges between therapeutic embodied practices, collective action, and social justice.