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Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Lady Chatterley’s Lover
Lady Chatterley’s Lover

18.10 – 19.10.2022

When the novel Lady Chatterley's Lover was published in 1928, it caused quite a stir. Author D.H. Laurence openly wrote about sex and sexual preference and his aim was to create new role models for the readers of his time and to encourage his readers to come to terms with aspects of themselves that they would prefer not to see in the light of day. Because of its exciting content, the book was banned in England and far beyond and for decades, the book was secretly passed on from hand to hand. Now theatre makers Florian Myjer and Lisa Verbelen are going to dance with this groundbreaking scandal novel. Shamelessly wallowing in perversion and pleasure, they bring Lady Chatterley's Lover into the 21st century, some of it rough and some of it more tender.

• De Warme Winkel like to take their performances to the cutting edge of social and artistic issues. Unpolished, overflowing with history and combatively urgent: the group have been on the Kaaitheater programme for years and have played such plays as Gavrilo Princip, Rainer Maria, Villa Europa and Amadeus. Florian Myjer recently joined this illustrious company and Lady Chatterley's Lover is his first performance with it. He wrote it together with Marieke de Zwaan and with Lisa Verbelen, who opened the Kaaitheater Theatre Festival 2020 with the solo All.

"A crushing tirade against the heterosexual norm." - NRC

"A vulnerable, thought-provoking and important performance about love, lust, exclusion and inclusion." - Theatre Newspaper

"An embarrassing, hilarious and moving performance about love that does not conform to 'the norm'." - de Volkskrant

presented by Kaaitheater

tekst, concept Florian Myjer, Lisa Verbelen, Marieke de Zwaan | naar D.H. Lawrence | spel Florian Myjer, Lisa Verbelen | eindregie Ward Weemhoff | decor Janne Sterke | kostuums Daphne de Winkel | lichtontwerp Scott Robin Jun | geluidsontwerp Rik Elstgeest | coproductie Frascati Producties