Wouter Krokaert

Composities in het wilde weg


WORKING TITLE FESTIVAL — Within a series of small compositions, bodies are placed and displaced in relation to each other. Playing with weight and balance, they counterbalance and shape the space between them. In the margin of the performance, Wouter Krokaert also shows the visual work that underlies it. What is explored in one area is reinforced and supplemented in another, across the boundaries of disciplines. Gradually a view is being revealed, a view that the artist has sharpened while drawing. 

concept and visual art Wouter Krokaert | performance Katja Dreyer, Charlotte Vanden Eynde, Wouter Krokaert | costume design An Breugelmans | light design in collaboration with Tom Bruwier | intervention visual art Koba de Meutter | artistic advice Marc Vanrunxt | special thanks to Marc Godts and Alix Eynaudi, ZSenne art lab, Netwerk Aalst | production workspacebrussels | co-production Perpodium, C-TAKT, kunstencentrum Buda, wp Zimmer, ICI – CCN Montpellier (research) | supported by the Flemish Community, the Flemish Community Commission, Belgian Tax Shelter