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theatre - Season 14/15

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andcompany&Co + Davis Freeman

In retrospect World War One was the last war that began with a formal declaration of war.  Today the dramaturgy of starting military hostilities by a performative act has become anachronistic. How to end a war which has never been declared? andcompany&Co. look for the relationship between performance art and the art of warfare and build a stage as homage to e.e. cummings’ enormous room.

In English
Hotel Modern/Arthur Sauer

The Great War by Hotel Modern may be performed in a theatre, but you feel like you’re on a miniature film set. Composer Arthur Sauer creates the live ‘sound effects’ and the soundtrack for the haunting images. - cancelled due to planning problems.

Laila Soliman

Theatre maker Laila Soliman looks for the story of the 1919 Egyptian revolution in songs, plays and archives. Into this she weaves the story of two theatre divas of that time – the first Muslim women ever to perform on stage, thus unleashing a revolution in theatre and in the lives of many Muslim women. Are there parallels with today’s Tahrir uprisings? 

Arabic & English; surtitled in English
Toneelhuis/Bart Meuleman

A girl reads aloud the thoughts and desires of the man who is spying on her. She talks, provokes, entices, wards off and consoles. Will he go away or will he come to her after all? Six years after The Bult and the Beautiful, in Sirene director Bart Meuleman once again creates a performance that probes the depths of erotic fantasy. 

In Dutch
Toneelgroep Amsterdam & Toneelhuis/Ivo Van Hove

In Schiller’s drama Maria Stuart, two legendary queens from European history are at each other’s throats: Elizabeth I of England and Mary Stuart of Scotland. Behind the masks of political power stand two women of flesh and blood. Ivo Van Hove directs a ten-member cast, drawn from the companies of Toneelgroep Amsterdam and Toneelhuis.

In Dutch; surtitled in French
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