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theatre - Season 12/13


JDX – A Public Enemy goes back to Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People. Tg STAN created this production in 1993. A razor-sharp comedy of politics, corruption, the abuse of power and the role of the media that is still very relevant today.

In Dutch
Theater Malpertuis

Performance based on a people’s assembly that actually took place in ancient Greece. The Ancient Greek text is still topical and raises questions about the left and right wing, about the how and why of democracy, and the responsibility of the politician as well as that of the citizen. Following the federal elections on Sunday, 25th May 2014, Malpertuis will tour several towns and cities with this acclaimed performance.

In Dutch
Tim Etchells

Etchells presents a performance in which he lends an insight into his creative process. The material comes from his own notebooks: a chaotic collection of writings collected over the years.

In English
Toneelhuis & Toneelgroep Amsterdam / Guy Cassiers & Tom Lanoye

Guy Cassiers and Tom Lanoye are continuing their successful collaboration. Now they are focusing on ‘the play of all plays’: Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In pursuing his ambitions and fighting his fears, the young Hamlet comes face to face with himself: Hamlet vs Hamlet. Cassiers directs this adaptation with actors from the Toneelhuis and Toneelgroep Amsterdam.

In Dutch; surtitled in French
rue Lavaléestraat
25-26/6 + 2-3-4-5/7/2014

Ylka and Thomas are having their house renovated. Two renovators have been at work for months, but the plans keep changing. The renovation becomes a metaphor for all the futile tinkering on a marriage that doesn’t work. De verbouwing is a sublime blend of humour and sorrow.

In Dutch