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theatre - Season 14/15

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Tristero & Transquinquennal

It is war. Always war. It's war in the cells. This intimate war is everywhere. At micro and macro levels, and without limitation in time or space. If we are surrounded by an incessant battlefield, of which war is the theatre the setting? Tristero and Transquinquennal are expecting you. With an open mind!

In Dutch, French and English; surtitled in Dutch, French and English
Laura van Dolron

Stand-up philosopher Laura van Dolron considers whether she can teach herself and you how to love. A heart-breaking, hilarious performance; poetic, familiar and outspoken.

In Dutch
Théâtre National, Bd Jacqmainlaan 111, 1000 Brussels
Toneelhuis, Théâtre National, Fondation Mons 2015 & le manège.mons/Guy Cassiers

The bas-relief Les passions humaines by the sculptor Jef Lambeaux (1852-1908) created a commotion in royal circles and the church authorities who described it as ‘blasphemous’ and ‘pornographic’. Guy Cassiers uses the work of art as the main character in a Belgian docudrama with a bilingual cast and a text by Erwin Mortier.

In Dutch and French; surtitled in Dutch and French
Jan Lauwers & Needcompany

How many lies, chance encounters and mishaps have actually determined history as we know it? The Blind Poet travels through history by way of the family trees of all Needcompany’s members. The Blind Poet is about strong women who throw stones and end up on the stake. About a crusader whose suit of armour is too small.

In Dutch, French and English, and Arabic; surtitled in Dutch, French and English
The Wooster Group

In CRY, TROJANS! (Troilus & Cressida), The Wooster Group takes a decidedly American approach to the Trojan side of Shakespeare’s dark and scabrous Trojan War play. A vexing tale of sincere love corrupted and the downfall of a noble hero.

In English; surtitled in Dutch and French
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