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Season 12/13

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JDX – A Public Enemy goes back to Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People. Tg STAN created this production in 1993. A razor-sharp comedy of politics, corruption, the abuse of power and the role of the media that is still very relevant today.

In Dutch
Gaëtan Bulourde

To celebrate the centenary of the Sacre du Printemps we commissioned Gaëtan Bulourde to write a new version of this impressive work. He created a ‘poor’ but humorous version. A collage of music, text and dance which is similar to the cubist character of Stravinsky’s work.

Oikos, Argus, JNM, Crosstalks (VUB), uitgeverij EPO, VTi en het Kaaitheater presenteren

The Kaaitheater is playing host to the fourth session of The Green Book. Writers, academics and thinkers from Belgium and abroad meet to debate the transition to a socio-ecological society. The programme also includes interventions by theatre-makers. In the foyer you will find a choice selection of books and publications on ecological subjects.

Theater Malpertuis

Performance based on a people’s assembly that actually took place in ancient Greece. The Ancient Greek text is still topical and raises questions about the left and right wing, about the how and why of democracy, and the responsibility of the politician as well as that of the citizen. Following the federal elections on Sunday, 25th May 2014, Malpertuis will tour several towns and cities with this acclaimed performance.

In Dutch
Els Dietvorst

The videos and writings of Els Dietvorst explore themes such as social conflict and survival in the margins. Art-Coeur-Merci is a film about a young Cameroonian man trying to survive in Brussels, with the addition of a performance by Angélique Wilkie. They make us reflect on the essential things in life.

In English
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