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Season 14/15

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Cullberg Ballet / Jefta van Dinther

A magical, sensual, almost psychedelic performance in which the bodies of the dancers, materials, light and sound play an equally important role. Nine dancers, as one strong community, enter into a confrontation with ropes, cables and high platforms in this first group choreography by the Swedish-Dutch choreographer Jefta van Dinther.

Pieter De Buysser & Maike Lond

On 2 May 1915 Fritz Haber returned home from Ypres. He had seen one of his inventions being successfully put to use: the use of chlorine as a weapon of mass destruction. A party was given in his honour. After the party his wife Clara Immerwahr, a brilliant physicist herself, shot and killed herself with her husband’s service revolver. Theatre-maker and writer Pieter De Buysser and the Estonian artist Maike Lond are creating a performance inspired by the life of Clara Immerwahr.

In English
Vlatka Horvat
12/1 + 13/3/2015

In her latest series of collages, Up in Arms, Horvat reworks family photos shot in socialist Yugoslavia in the 60s and 70s, when ideals of solidarity and progress were still strong. Horvat concentrates on the symbolic element of arms, detached from the subjects, which are cancelled out as if they were lost. 

Elena Filipovic & Katleen Van Langendonck

PERFORMATIK 2015 - If you would like to learn more about performance art before you venture into the Performatik festival, then this your course! Katleen Van Langendonck, Kaaitheater’s programmer and the curator of Performatik, and Elena Filipovic, former curator at WIELS and now director of Kunsthalle Basel, guide you through the performance art landscape in words and images.

In English
Zita Swoon Group

Stef Kamil Carlens has a thing about Dada. This concert performance is based on a film reconstructing a Dadaist performance at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, held in 1916. It contains all the elements that are used in Nothing That Is Everything: costumes, dance, music, rhythm, poetry, a confusion (of tongues) and humour. For this new performance Zita Swoon Group is collaborating with Jan Lauwers' Needcompany.

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