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Season 14/15

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Barbara Matijevic & Giuseppe Chico

The internet is a source of inspiration for Barbara Matijević & Giuseppe Chico. YouTube is the subject of their new performance. The performer transforms the stage into an intimate room where she records her videos.  As she interacts with a range of devices inspired by machines, gadgets and toys commonly used by DIY filmmakers, the performance establishes close parallels between amateur and artistic practices.

In English

Brian Eno’s song 'Golden Hours' is the point of departure for the new creation by Rosas. Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker continues to explore the perception of time in choreography, and approaches a cast of young dancers in their idiosyncratic movement expressions. Their speaking becomes their dancing.

Timmy De Laet & Katleen Van Langendonck

If you would like to learn more about performance art before you venture into the Performatik festival, you can take our four-part course entitled What is Performance Art? On the usefulness or pointlessness of the collective term ‘performance’. On performance past and present, in art and the performing arts.

In English

De Citroëngarage is om meer dan een reden een symbool van Brussel. Van architecturale parel tot communautair gekrakeel. De discussie spint zich nu vooral toe over de vitrine aan het Saincteletteplein. Maar de eigenlijke garage achter de vitrine – wat een enorm groot volume is en bijzonder waardevol patrimonium – komt in de discussie niet aan bod. Het gebouw is veel meer dan een museum en hierover wil Groen en Ecolo Brussel het gesprek starten met architecten, stadsplanners en academici.

In Dutch
Toneelgroep Amsterdam & Toneelhuis/Ivo Van Hove

In Schiller’s drama Maria Stuart, two legendary queens from European history are at each other’s throats: Elizabeth I of England and Mary Stuart of Scotland. Behind the masks of political power stand two women of flesh and blood. Ivo Van Hove directs a ten-member cast, drawn from the companies of Toneelgroep Amsterdam and Toneelhuis.

In Dutch; surtitled in French
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