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Season 14/15

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Eleanor Bauer

Eleanor Bauer calls the second season of her BAUER HOUR ‘the dance season’. This edition's guest is the Brussels-New York dancer Michael Helland. He has worked with, among others, Xavier Le Roy, Daniel Linehan, Alexandra Bachzetsis, Tino Sehgal, Marina Abramović, Big Art Group, Ivo Dimchev and Bauer herself. Together with Eleanor he prepares a very special treat for the audience. 

In English
Cindy Van Acker

Choreographer Cindy Van Acker starts her new solo with sentences and images she derives from Friedrich Nietzsche. Another source of inspiration is the tortured bodies and anatomical figures in the work of Berlinde De Bruyckere. And the first definition of the word chaos: a new emptiness, a new nothing.

Tristero & Transquinquennal

It is war. Always war. It's war in the cells. This intimate war is everywhere. At micro and macro levels, and without limitation in time or space. If we are surrounded by an incessant battlefield, of which war is the theatre the setting? Tristero and Transquinquennal are expecting you. With an open mind!

In Dutch, French and English; surtitled in Dutch, French and English
Filip Tielens

In deze op maat gemaakte workshop analyseer je samen met andere enthousiaste jongeren een theater- of dansstuk op speelse wijze.

In Dutch
debate/spoken word/book presentation
Oikos, Etopia & Kaaitheater present

ECOPOLIS is the perfect meeting place for anyone concerned with the transition to a socio-ecological society. The main focus is on inspired and inspiring books and documentaries, and dialogues on ecology, economics and society between writers, scientists and thinkers from civil society.

In Dutch, French and English
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