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music - Season 14/15

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Eric Sleichim & BL!INDMAN (drums)

Wings, a silent movie made in 1927, combines a romantic plot with impressive images of air battles from the First World War. Eric Sleichim and BL!NDMAN [drums] present its screening with a selection of percussion music from the 20th and 21st centuries, with turntables and live electronics.

Liesa Van der Aa / Louisa's Daughter Company

WOTH is the first creation by Liesa Van der Aa, actress with a.o. Toneelhuis and musician. She sought and found inspiration in an ancient Egyptian ritual: after death the heart of the deceased is weighed on scales counterbalanced by the feather of truth. WOTH is an overwhelming musical performance for nine musicians, enhanced by video and animation on stage.

Alain Franco

The 96 short works in Bach’s Das Wohltemperierte Klavier each have a profile, an individual character, their own dynamics and an individual time sequence. The musician Alain Franco sees them as a series of ‘novellas’ which he connects to each other by applying editing principles and so arrives at ‘a form that hovers somewhere between opera and novel’.


Ictus sets to work with some exceptional instruments, such as the notorious intonarumori of the futurist Luigi Russolo, and six simantra, percussion instruments used in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Sometimes the audience encircles the musicians, or vice versa. You will hear works by Mauro Lanza, Pierluigi Billone and a 60-minute tour de force by Michael Gordon (Bang on a Can).

Philipp Blom & Geert Buelens

Second session of an international series of several years on the First World War, organised by deBuren and the writer Geert Buelens. Talks and debates alternate with literary readings and classical music.

In Dutch and English, and DE
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