Student Repertoire A

Student Repertoire A
Student Repertoire A


Vingt-deux étudiants de quatorze pays différents achèvent leurs quatre années de formation à PARTS, l’école bruxelloise de danse contemporaine que dirige Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, par plusieurs programmes. Pendant Student repertoire, ils puisent dans le très riche arsenal d’œuvres créées préalablement.

Wilhelm Scream
created and performed by Inga Huld Hákonardóttir (IS), Rósa Ómarsdottir (IS) | thanks to Danae Theodoridou

A movement concert performed by two dancers and an orchestra of objects. The dancers direct a dialogue between image and sound. It is a play of meaning which occurs through aligned actions, challenging the associations between the two. What is the image of a sound and what is the sound of an image? How does it sync, and what happens in the friction. Is there harmony in the uncanny 'out of sync’? 

All that heaven allows
choreography & performance: Ben Van Buren & Bryana Fritz

Previously on Majestiny
constructed by James McGinn | assisted by Rósa Ómarsdóttir | performed by Inga Hákonardóttir, James McGinn, Christoffer Schieche, Katie Vickers, Tiran Willemse | music by Aaron Copeland, Alphaville, Rihanna, John Williams | with support from King's Fountain

Majestiny is a made-for-stage, TV mini-series that paints mosaics of cultural reference to delineate and destabilize normative societal notions of race, gender, beauty, intellect and power. Previously on Majestiny exists as a recapitulation of events from Episode 4: The Quest for Inauthentic Form, which focuses on the problematic nature of contemporary art's obsession with authenticity.