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Due to road works around Porte the Ninove, the traffic and public transport is disrupted. We advise you to leave enough time get to the Kaaistudio's.

Public Transport
For the tram lines 51 and 82 the stop 'Porte de Ninove' is temporarily abolished. Get out at 'Porte de Flandre' (direction Yser) or at 'Arts et Métiers' (direction Midi).
The bus 86 in the direction of Central Station is diverted between 'Gare de West' and 'Porte de Flandre'.

Bicycle and car
The traffic on the Square Auguste Smets at 'Porte de Ninove' is disrupted and diverted to the Boulevard Barthelemy and Boulevard de l'Abattoir. This causes delay and reduces the parking spaces.

Ninoofsepoort / Porte de Ninove


Ninoofsepoort / Porte de Ninove


St-Katelijne / Ste-Cathérine


Station Ninoofsepoort / Porte de Ninove
Station Bloemenhofplein / Place du Jardin aux Fleurs


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