Anouk Llaurens

The Breathing Archive


On the occasion of the launch of Conversations in Vermont: Lisa Nelson, dance artist and pedagogue Anouk Llaurens invites you to take part in The Breathing Archive, a live documentation practice rooted in Lisa Nelson’s work. The practice invites you to collectively edit a poetic and ephemeral document based on a selection of texts from Sarma’s anthology on Lisa Nelson as well as texts emanating from Llaurens’ research on poetic documentation. Through practices of listening, touching, seeing and reading, a poetic experience that articulates matter, movements and thoughts emanates from a vast collection of writings.

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Lisa Nelson

Conversations in Vermont


Conversations in Vermont
Conversations in Vermont


Fri 30.03.18

Sarma is launching a digital publication about the life and work of dancer/video artist Lisa Nelson. In the company of Nelson herself, we are offering you a glimpse of the result, which also features a series of interviews. There will first be a workshop and then a presentation.