Isabella Gresser [DE] Valentine Kempynck, David Weber-Krebs, Patrícia Portela

Fatigue Society: Byung-Chul Han in Seoul/Berlin


This essay film about philosopher Byung-Chul Han encircles the phenomenon of fatigue in our capitalistic societies – and its associated symptoms, such as depression and burnout. Visual artist Isabella Gresser interweaves the cinematic, photographic and drawn observations she made in Korea and Berlin with spoken text and lecture excerpts.

DEBATE after the film (in English)
During WE:SLEEP, artists Valentine Kempynck, David Weber-Krebs and Patrícia Portela will present work focused on the creative and provocative potential of sleep. How do they bring the body’s non-active state to the fore in what is normally active or productive time.

ATTENTION: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Ignaas Devisch and Bieke Purnelle cannot attend the debate. As an alternative, Esther Severi (dramaturge Kaaitheater) will moderate an artist talk with the WE:SLEEP artists.

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