Laurent De Sutter on Hyperpresent

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Under the title Hyperpresent, five leading contemporary thinkers will give a talk on a new idea that they introduced themselves. Afterwards, they engage in a conversation with philosopher Laurent De Sutter.
In the video's below, De Sutter introduces you to the five thinkers and their new concepts.


Keller Easterling on Extrastatecraft
controls everyday life in the city: it’s the key to power – and resistance – in the twenty-first century.


Boris Groys on Antiphilosophy
We have become sceptical about the ability of an individual philosopher to engage in ‘universal thinking’, so philosophy seems to capitulate in the face of cultural relativism.


Graham Harman on Immaterialism
What objects exist in the social world and how should we understand them? The founder of object-oriented philosophy sheds light on the nature and status of objects in social life.


Rosi Braidotti on Posthumanism
The posthuman helps us to make sense of our flexible and multiple identities and to measure the escalating effects of post–anthropocentric thought.


Zhao Tingyang on Tianxia
‘Tianxia’ is a conceptualization of the world as the composition of three realms: the physical, psychological and political, which places inclusivity and harmony at the heart of a global worldview above other considerations.