Mazing [DE/BE]

Vera Tussing

20.01 – 21.01.2017

The power of touch

What does being together mean in 2016? Five dancers are set in motion by the audience. Networks of action emerge from simple social interactions. Mazing reconfirms the power of touch in our digital age.

Today, the social is a performance, and performance is a social event. Can we create new models of togetherness through performance?

Mazing and catch a glimpse of a possible answer, based on the simple power of the dancing body, the factuality of movement and the fragility of contact.

• Vera Tussing graduated from the London Contemporary Dance School in 2005 and since then has been working as a performer, dancer, maker and director. She has toured all over Europe, with performances such as T-Dance, taking in Kaaistudios en-route. She works from Brussels and from 2017, will be artist-in-residence at Kaaitheater.

direction Vera Tussing | dance/co-creation choreography Shosha van Kranendonk, Thomas Saulgrain, Vera Tussing, Esse Vanderbruggen, Zoltan Vakulya | contextual research & dramaturgical assistance Sebastian Kann, JS Rafael | light, technique Thomas Vermaercke | sound Ruben Martinez, Michael Picknett | costume Sofie durnez | support Kaaitheater, Vrijstaat O, De Werf, workspacebrussels, STUK, Flemish Authorities | commissioned by The Place, Pianofabriek, Work Place at The Place | production Klein Verzet, Vera Tussing

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Vera Tussing

Vera Tussing
Vera Tussing


Kaaitheater artist-in-residence 2017-2021