Orla Barry [IE]

Spin, Spin, Scheherazade

05.03 – 06.03.2020

In this humorous and passionate monologue performed by Einat Tuchman, Orla Barry explores the boundaries of art, gender, and the rural everyday. Reflecting on a culture in which the connection with nature has been broken, she describes the experiences of an artist who returns from the city to her rural roots and is reborn as a hybrid ‘farmer-artist’. Coincidence, humour and a subtle language game are the ingredients of a production that blends oral historiography with personal memories.

• Orla Barry is both a visual artist and a shepherd. She lived in Brussels for 16 years and now runs a Lleyn sheep farm in the Irish countryside. During Performatik13, she presented Mountain at Bozar and during Performatik17, she presented Breaking Rainbows – also starring Einat Tuchman – at Argos.

written & directed by Orla Barry | performed by Einat Tuchman | chronicle points by Orla Barry | design assistance Tanad Williams & Lutece Mauger | commissioned by MuZee, EVA International | funded by Arts Council of Ireland and Culture Ireland | support Kaaitheater