Roberto Ramos / D.A.M. [São Paulo]




The Brazilian Roberto Ramos is a self-made performing artist. His work developed through his observation of ‘kinetic situations’. Together with his brother Gustavo he set up D.A.M., which stands for Desenvolvimento Animico do Movimento (Animistic Development of Movement). D.A.M. has made a name for itself on the Brazilian contemporary dance scene and is now coming to Belgium for the first time, with two productions.

The starting point in both productions is extremely simple. In Satellites three performers revolve around spherical objects as if they were satellites. They try to keep a constant distance between their bodies and the objects. In Continuum three dancers perform on the basis of circles: circles of light and movement, spherical props and so on. And here too the result is a breathtaking, hypnotic, easy-flowing performance one could watch for hours.

concept & direction Roberto Ramos
performance Catalina Cappeletti, Gustavo Ramos, Roberto Ramos
production & management Zizi Giraud