Shake It Collaborations [SV]

Roses and Beans


How we organise love

A social happening and a performance in one. Roses & Beans is about how we organise and experience love, and about the model of the couple as the ultimate formula for success and happiness. Andersson and Sahlin are borrowing extracts of life and art from couples like Marina & Ulay, John & Yoko and Brad & Angelina. And they invite you to a party. They will share a very special moment, with you. Roses & Beans takes contemporary pop culture as its starting point, providing a commentary on the omnipresent cult of love, relationships and sexuality.

• Shake It Collaborations is Tove Sahlin and Dag Andersson’s Swedish performance group. Through their work, they criticise intrinsic power structures in society. They have been touring the world with Roses & Beans since 2010.

choreography and performance Dag Andersson and Tove Sahlin | in collaboration with Estudio Nuboso, Ponderosa Tanzland, Dans i Värmland, Bastardproduktion