Lígia Soares



09.11 – 10.11.2022

The playful repetition of various sentences and perspectives forms a parody of the twenty-first-century Western ‘common sense’. ‘Romance’ is an invitation to discover the recognition, repulsion and humour that is created when you allow someone else to be your voice. In an intimate setting, Lígia Soares makes us reflect on how we think as individuals within a group by using ordinary sentences to create connections between herself and audience members. 

• Lígia Soares is a Portuguese choreographer and playwright. Following works such as Romance, Turning Backs, or O Ato de Primavera, she continues her research on how to create scenic devices that include the viewer's presence as a crucial element of the show. 

“This is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting shows in Lígia Soares' body of work.” - Miguel Branco, Time out

“This solo is not about interactive theatre, but about including the spectator in the creation of a theatrical world.” - Maria João Guardão, Diário de Notícias 

presented by Kaaitheater

concept, text and performance Lígia Soares | music Mariana Ricardo| translation Francisca Cortesão |costume S Tânia Afonso and Lígia Soares | production Máquina Agradável| support Mala Voadora, Teatro Praga, Primeiros Sintomas | financed by Dgartes- Portuguese Government| with the support of the 5th edition PT.17, Portuguese Platform for Performing Arts, O Espaço do Tempo | co-production of international version Grand Theatre/Noorderzon