Federico Leon [AR]

Las Ideas

22.05 – 30.05.2015

From idea to work of art

Federico León, a leading figure on the Argentine avant-garde scene, is familiar to audiences in Brussels as much for his theatrical films as for his astonishingly cinematic theatre productions. In 2015, the director and producer is returning to the Kunstenfestivaldesarts with the world premiere of a new creation. Las Ideas draws us into the life and mental universe of an artist. We see the transformation of an idea at work from the inside: how it takes shape, grows and acquires a definitive expression. Sometimes real life suddenly breaks into the creative process, but just as often, it is the artistic experiences that rub off on everyday life. Abstract ideas and concrete events influence each other like in a furious game of ping pong.

Las Ideas is a captivating show on beginnings and new beginnings. The artist’s memory is the only thing linking everything together for us until, that is, his memory starts to fail…

Text & direction Federico León | Performed by Julián Tello & Federico León | Set design Ariel Vaccaro | Music & sound design Diego Vainer | Lighting design Alejandro Le Roux | Performers on video Alejandra Manzo, Maitina De Marco, Pablo Gasloli, Alejandro Ini, Barbara Irisarri, Ana Maria Monti, Patricia Russo, Mar`ıa Laura Santos, Jose Maria Seoane, Alfredo Staffolani, Mart`ın Tchira, Emanuel Torres, Antonella Querzoli, Gabriel Zayat | Production Rodrigo Manuel Perez | Co-production Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), Iberescena (Spain), FIBA Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires, El Cultural San Martín (Buenos Aires), Santiago a Mil (Santiago de Chile) | Performance in Brussels supported by the Embassy of the Argentine Republic