Yukiko Shinozaki & Un Yamada



23.02 – 24.02.2007

The crack in the teapot

Internet rules! Two choreographers made each other’s acquaintance across the Internet, where they read each other’s diaries. This resulted in a duet: hibi.

Un Yamada lives in Tokyo. She established her dance company Co. Yamada Un in 2002. Yukiko Shinozaki has lived and worked in Brussels since 1997; she danced in several productions by Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods and has also produced work of her own with Heine Røsdal and Christoph De Boeck, and with Christelle Fillod.

Un Yamada and Yukiko Shinozaki base their work on a fragmented image of the body, characterised by ‘dissonant harmony’ and ‘contradictory relations’. Their intention is, by repeating and varying movements, to make both bodies diffuse and ask questions about the idea of normality and our perception of it. The Japanese word hibi has two meanings: it refers to normality and also means ‘a crack’, e.g. a crack in a teapot.

chorégraphie & danse Yukiko Shinozaki & Un Yamada
son Christoph De Boeck
dramaturgie Sara Jansen
collaboration technique Hans Meijer
assistant artistique Heine R. Avdal
responsable de la production Leen Driesen
production deepblue & co.yamada un
coproduction Stuk
en collaboration avec Kaaitheater, Vooruit & Buda
avec le soutien de la Communauté flamande, Saison Foundation, Contemporary Art Network

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