Salva Sanchis [BE]



13.01 – 14.01.2012

Following the now h e r e (2011) quartet, Salva Sanchis has created a solo for himself. In it he is accompanied live by the pianist Yutaka Oya, who plays short compositions by György Ligeti, John Cage, Luciano Berio, Jo Kondo and Keiko Harada.

Angle is about perception. What we see depends on how we look. Sanchis injects the open experience of dance with music and words. He chooses a model in which all the elements are interconnected but still retain their autonomy and equality. Angle aims for a layered structure that challenges the spectator to make connections between the various components and enrich his perception.
The ultimate objective of both the dance and the spectator is to meet on the basis of a similar perspective. And just as sound travels through space and only becomes music in our minds, so the dance invites our minds to dance.

Salva Sanchis is a Brussels-based Spanish dancer and choreographer who was among the graduates of the first year of PARTS. He has danced and choreographed for Rosas and is a gifted dancer with a compelling presence.

Sanchis: ‘Abstract dance is not an evident thing. It is difficult to appreciate only shapes and textures when looking at a person dancing. One even wonders whether abstraction can apply to dance. And yet, dance is escaping direct interpretation. Faced with this paradox, we are often left to our own devices. Information about the dance can help us see and ‘understand’, but it can also get in the way of the ‘experience’. Angle will not be about dance, but about the way we look at it.’

choreography and dance Salva Sanchis  | piano Yutaka Oya | music György
Ligeti, John Cage, Luciano Berio, Jo Kondo, Keiko Harada | texts John
Cage, Merce Cunningham, Albert Einstein | feedback & assistance
Manon Santkin, Georgia Vardarou | photography Stanislav Dobak | graphic
Compagnie Paul Verrept | production Kunst/Werk (Antwerp) | co-production Kaaitheater (Brussels) | support  Concertgebouw
Brugge, De Vlaamse Gemeenschap