a festival by Kaaitheater & Citylab

As a creative incubator for art and artivism, Citylab encourages Brussels based self-formed talents to define art, and develop an artistic voice to tell their own herstories, hxstories or histories. The INSIDE OUT festival presents their performative and audiovisual works, on screen and scene. It’s a reflection of the artistic and political dynamics, opportunities and challenges that lie at the heart of Brussels. INSIDE OUT shows what’s at stake and what’s next. You’re invited to enter this hybrid space where art creates encounter, exchange and community. Expect an artistic mirror of life at the central margins of the city!

Sat 20/03
performances by a.o. Jihan Imago, Yipoon Chiem, Yasmine Yahiatene

Sun 21/03
performance by Briana Stuart
a selection of films by Case Rebelle
workshops on Police Watch, Safe Spaces & From In to Out