Voices of the Dunes + roundtable discussion A Series of More-Than-Human Encounters

Voices of the Dunes + roundtable discussion
Voices of the Dunes + roundtable discussion


In the second instalment of A Series of More-Than-Human Encounters we are inviting researchers, activists and artists in a three-day-programme to explore the meaning and potential of justice in a multi-species post-imperialist world. Should we confer fundamental rights to animals and natural formations - such as lakes, the seas, rainforests and the soil? What can historical, present-day and future human and more-than-human alliances of resistance teach us? How are the worldwide decolonial struggles related to the global and local struggles for the live, safety and autonomy of non-human animals?

20:00 –  Welcome
20:05 – Animals in a more-than-human legality by Eva Bernet Kempers
20:15 – Voices of the Dunes by The Dunes of Schouwen-Duiveland
20:25 – Is representation enough? by Darko Lagunas
20:35 – Round table discussion with Eva Bernet Kempers, Darko Lagunas and The Dunes of Schouwen-Duiveland, moderated by Mariska Jung
21:05–21:30 – Q&A with the Zoom-audience

Eva Bernet Kempers (1993) studied cultural anthropology, green criminology, and environmental law at Utrecht University. She combines perspectives from different disciplines in her current PhD-research under the auspices of the Animal & Law Chair at the University of Antwerp.

• Darko Lagunas (1987) is an urban sociologist and action-researcher that focuses on socio-environmental issues. He is particularly interested in how western knowledge reproduces dualities and systems of supremacy.

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Engaging with Campus Etterbeek as a zoöp

workshop online

Engaging with Campus Etterbeek as a zoöp
Engaging with Campus Etterbeek as a zoöp


Thu 21.01.21

In this workshop, you will engage with the Campus Etterbeek of the VUB as though it was a 'zoöp'. You will read and treat the Campus Etterbeek as a collective body, consisting of the human and nonhuman entities and artefacts together: soil life, plant life, water life, human users and passers-by, buildings, infrastructures.