Burning Ice #5



Elina Talvensaari [FI]
How to pick Berries
Science fiction-esque documentary about worldwide labour migration. Seasonal workers from Thailand come to pick blueberries in Lapland. Graduation project by the Finnish Elina Talvensaari. (2010, 19 min.)

Michael Robinson [US]
You don’t bring me flowers
This montage of nostalgic landscape photographs from National Geographic 1960-1980 ends with a brilliant white emergency signal. Best international film at the 2006 Images Festival in Toronto. (2005, 8 min.)

Laura Zuallaert [BE]
We import asparagus from Peru. Why from so far away? This documentary follows the production cycle at a local level. Graduation project by Laura Zuallaert (KASK, Gent). (2012, 15 min.)

Christian Jankowski [DE]
The Hunt
The German artist Christian Jankowski goes to supermarkets armed with a bow and arrow to hunt for food. He pays an unfazed cashier for the products – with the arrows still in them. (1992-1997, 1 min.)

Laura Zuallaert [BE]
The Uplands
Since the 18th century, Birmingham has been home to one of the largest allotments in Europe. Immigration has resulted in all sorts of different plants being cultivated there. (2011, 15 min.)

Winy Maas & The Why Factory [BE]
City Pig
The architect Winy Maas (MVRDV) and the designers at The Why Factory (TU Delft) designed a socially and ecologically sound pig farm in the city. (2009, 7 min.)