The Cloud

27.11 – 28.11.2010

A guided tour of the past of the future

Welcome to the ‘Open-Air Museum to commemorate 2010’. It is now 2060 and we are commemorating 2010, when mankind managed to avert the Catastrophe thanks to The Cloud, an electronic neuro-network which views, regulates and harmonises the wishes of all the people living on earth. Now, fifty years after the Turning Point, we are celebrating our utopian present by remembering what the world was then. While The Cloud – voiced by Viviane de Muynck – tells you about 2010, you will also learn about 2060. The Cloud solves logistic problems such as the fair distribution of food, goods and welfare. Free of these cares, man now lives in small communities where meeting people in real time plays a central role.

• Space takes you on a guided tour of the past of the future. We look at the world in 2010 through the eyes of someone in 2060. This makes you think about life today. Space plays with the boundaries separating theatre and reality. The group describes its performances as ‘keyhole operations’: theatrical documentaries in which fiction is used to expose reality. Last season we presented their Holland Tsunami.

with Li Yang, Petra Ardai, Luc van Loo |voice The Cloud: Viviane de Muynck | director Petra Ardai | text Eszter Babarczy (Cloud), Petra Ardai, Veress Anna, Bálint Solymosi | music & sound Samu Gryllus, Luc van Loo | production Space, Workshop Foundation | support NFPK+, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, SNS Reaal Fonds, European Cultural Foundation, NORMA foundation, Dutch Embassy Budapest, Kaaitheater, Forum Freies Theater Düsseldorf, National Cultural Funds Budapest, De Brakke Grond Amsterdam, Krétakör, Artus & SíN Budapest, Vlaams-Nederlands Huis deBuren | co-presentation Beursschouwburg, deBuren