Soul Food: in gesprek met Kris Verdonck


The courses Kris Verdonck took – in the visual arts, architecture and theatre – are reflected in the work he does. His creations lie on the boundaries between art and theatre, installation and performance, dance and architecture. The start of the season saw the premiere of M, a reflection, a piece based on the writings of Heiner Müller and performed by Johan Leysen and his digital double. H, an incident is inspired by the work of the Russian writer and dissident Daniil Harms.

Price per night: € 12, meal included (performance not included).
This is followed by the performance H, an incident..

Info & contact: publiekswerking@kaaitheater.be, tel 02 274 03 88

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Kris Verdonck

Kris Verdonck
Kris Verdonck


Kaaitheater artist-in-residence 2013-2016