Emi Kodama & Elias Heuninck [CA/BE]

Snowflake on the sand

28.06 – 29.06.2019

WORKING TITLE FESTIVAL — Through the lens of a microscope you look at a sand dollar. Through headphones, a story is read. As you watch and listen, your perceptions change. Emi Kodama and Elias Heuninck encourage you to look at an ordinary object and explore a vast imagined landscape through its miniature world. They show that everything can become many things, as long as you allow your imagination to look beyond its current reality.

• Emi Kodama (1980, CA), originally from Vancouver, has been based in Ghent since 2008 when she started the HISK. Through writing, performance, and installation, Emi layers elements of daily life with dreams and memories to create stories that people can explore and expand. She wants to give others the opportunity to spend time in their inner world — for them to be curious, ask questions, and realize the power of their own imagination.

• Elias Heuninck (1986, BE) studied media art at the School of Arts in Ghent. He became interested in the use of the landscape image for various experiments with digital means. His works involve different media, but they always touch on the material of film and the notion of cinema. By changing the perspective in space, on paper, or in a digital data file, he gently disorients the audience.

Concept Elias Heuninck & Emi Kodama Technical development Elias Heuninck Story and voice Emi Kodama Co-production workspacebrussels Thanks to Hendrik Leper, Marnix Rummens, Formlab (KASK), TOPAZ Supported by the Flemish Community, IN/FINITY