Satch Hoyt [GB]

Say it Loud!

Say it Loud!
Say it Loud!

During Spoken World, the English artist Satch Hoyt is exhibiting his
installation Say it Loud! at the Kaaitheater. It is a platform for free
expression, built of books on colonialism, the African diaspora and
politics in general. In Brussels he will be building a ‘Belgian’ version
of this ‘speaker’s corner’, with books on the Congo, the political
situation in this country, and suchlike. During Spoken World you can get
up on the platform yourself. Speak your mind!

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Say it Loud! by Kaaitheater

Satch Hoyt at Nomad Gallery
Expo 26/11>31/12; opening 26+27/11, 12:00>18:00
Satch Hoyt is also showing a second exhibition in Brussels, called Tale Spinner, in the two rooms of the Nomad Gallery: the public space (113 Lakensestraat) and the private space (29 Spaarstraat).