Eszter Salamon [Berlin]



17.02 – 18.02.2006

Last season the Hungarian dancer and choreographer Eszter Salamon, who works in Berlin, made her first appearance in the Kaaitheater with two productions which challenged our perception. She asked herself whether it was possible to learn the truth simply by looking. In her new production, Nvsbl (pronounced: non-visible), she continues to explore this theme. 

Salamon: ‘Our visual perception therefore does not provide us with a complete picture or idea of reality. Nevertheless we use visible reality as an effect of reality in order to construct our image of reality. If visible reality is incomplete and not able to provide a reliable picture of reality, its practical value must lie elsewhere. Where and when? In this project it is these places and moments I seek. The performance reflects on representation in general, especially the political and performative boundaries of what reveals itself (in the process of wanting to verify and know that is practised on women’s bodies). Nvsbl attempts to make the thought visible by creating micro-events. It places the emphasis on the inaccessibility of the reality of these bodies and on the distortion of our image of them. The performance guides the spectator towards “image hallucinations” and to the limits of visual perception, by way of moments of sensual, intellectual and emotional recognition.’

concept Eszter Salamon
avec Susanne Berggren, Valérie Castan, Lola Rubio, Christine de Smedt
organisation Alexandra Wellensiek
coproduction PACT Zollverein/Choreographisches Zentrum NRW (Essen), Les Spectacles Vivants-Centre Pompidou (Paris), Kaaitheater
support Tanz im August – Internationales Tanzfest 2005 (Berlin), the National Performance Network with funding provided by the German Federal Cultural Foundation as part of its project Dance Plan Germany and Botschaft