Femke Gyselinck

Moving Ballads

Moving Ballads
Moving Ballads

01.10 – 02.10.2020

‘I’m fluid. You know. Everything I am I am not.’

Following in the footsteps of folk legend Joni Mitchell, Femke Gyselinck is going in search of undiscovered relationships between pop music and contemporary dance, lyrics and lyricism, portrayal and imagination, choreography and improvisation. In Moving Ballads, she takes the word ‘ballad’ literally: it is a danced song or moved lyric. It was once the lyre that provided ballads with their melody, but she has swapped that instrument with a battery synthesizer, played by three dancers and pianist Hendrik Lasure. Lasure composed a ballad inspired by Joni Mitchell’s rich, whimsical oeuvre. This ballad is performed and danced for you in several different variations. Gyselinck invites you to explore the connections between the music, the words and the movements, and to shifts in meaning. Welcome to this no-man’s-land where movements do not speak.

• Dancer and choreographer Femke Gyselinck (ex-PARTS) was previously featured in the Kaaitheater programme with Flamer, a generous danced duet with her brother, drummer Lander Gyselinck.

concept Femke Gyselinck | performers Bryana Fritz, Femke Gyselinck, Hendrik Lasure, Sue Yeon Youn | music Hendrik Lasure | text, dramaturgie & coaching Wannes Gyselinck | costumes Heide Vanderieck | light design Thomas Vermaercke | sound Brecht Beuselinck | co-production Kunstencentrum nona, Vooruit, KAAP, CC Brugge | support de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, STUK, workspacebrussels & KASK/HoGent | thanks to Carlos Garbin, Emma Meerschaert & Ella De Vos