Ictus & Ircam [Brussels]

Mantovani, Maresz, Cendo

Mantovani, Maresz, Cendo
Mantovani, Maresz, Cendo


Rhythm and percussion

Ictus and Ircam (Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique) are presenting a programme for ensemble and electronics in which rhythmic exploration and percussion play a central role. It will include works by the Bruno Mantovani (1974) and Yan Maresz (1966).

In the early days of electronic music, composers were above all interested in the basic elements of sound: tone, voluminal density, colour, etc. They therefore made 'atmospheric' music, which has become too 'cosmic' for today's listener. Times have changed, and electronics now offers infinite possibilities. The two composers to perform in this concert do so with great boldness. Yan Maresz displays a range of polyrhythmic motifs, whereas Bruno Mantovani alters the acoustic purity of instruments by mixing murmurs, jazz and military rhythms.

Bruno Mantovani
Le Grand Jeu (for percussions & electronics)
Eclair de Lune (for three instrumental groups and electronics; Belgian première)

Yan Maresz
Sul Segno (for cymbalo, guitar, harp, bass & electronics; Belgian première),

percussions Miquel Bernat, Gerrit Nulens, Michael Weilacher
technique IRCAM, Benoit Meudic, Sébastien Roux
sound Ictus, Alex Fostier
musical direction Georges-Elie Octors production Ictus
coproduction Ars Musica, Bozar Music, Kaaitheater
with the support of Ambassade de France, CulturesFrance