Kwadratur #3 / Cube

Kwadratur #3 / Cube
Kwadratur #3 / Cube


In Cube, the final part of the triptych Kwadratur, BL!NDMAN interweaves sound, light and architecture. The music plays on the perception of time and space. The listener follows an auditory route and is alternately the observer and the observed. The whole Kaaitheater building reveals its secrets and every part of it is thoroughly redefined. Eric Sleichim is responsible for the concept and is entering into collaboration with Hans Peter Kuhn, who has worked as a composer for Bob Wilson, the Wooster Group and others.

• In 1988 Eric Sleichim founded the BL!NDMAN saxophone quartet. It immediately hit the spot: they experimented with new playing techniques, substantially expanded the repertoire for the instrument and were at ease in exploring other disciplines. In 2008 they were joined by three more quartets: BL!NDMAN [drums], BL!NDMAN [vox] and BL!NDMAN [strings]. Four quartets, two generations, countless possibilities for ‘unheard of’ crossovers. BL!NDMAN is still characterised by unusual choices from the world repertoire of both early and new music and continues to embrace other disciplines. This makes every concert a real experience.µ

Pierluigi Billone >  Mani.Mono (percussion) (2007) (8'30")
Benjamin Britten> Elegy (viola) (1930) (6')
Annelies Van Parys > Poème (mezzosoprano) (2005)
Raphaël Cendo > Scratch Data (percussion, electronics) (2002) (10')
Morton Feldman > Only (tenor) (1947) (3')
Daniele Ghisi > Comment Pouvez Vous Lire À Present? Il Fait Nuit (alto sax, electronics) (2009) (11')
Gilles Gobert > Pièce Pour Violon Et Électronique (violin, electronics) (2004) (11')
Klaus Huber > Traumgesicht (baritone) (1971) (3'30")
Helmut Lachenmann > Pression (cello) (1969-70) (9'30")
Roderik De Man >  Case History (percussion) (2002) (3')
Kaija Saariaho > Lonh (soprano, electronics) (1996) (16')
Salvatore Sciarrino > 6 Caprices (Selectie) (violin) (1976) (4')
Eric Sleichim > Angel (baritone sax, electronics) (2003) (12')
Georgia Spiropoulos > Saksti (tenor sax, electronics) (2001) (6'30")
Matt Wright >  Ithaca Blog (soprano sax, electronics) (2010) (7'30")
Iannis Xenakis >  Hibiki Hana Ma (electro-acoustic) (1969-70) (4'18")
Hans Peter Kuhn > Strijkkwartet (creation) (string quartet) (2011) (ca. 10')
Fabrizzio Cassol > new work (creation - commissioned by Ars Musica 2012)
Oscar Bettisson > O Death - Bone Chapel (ensemble) (2007) (11'30")
Annelies Van Parys > Passagen/Aphorisme (creation - commissioned by Bl!ndman) (2011) (15'')
Philip Glass > Music With Changing Parts (1970) (20')

concept, scenography & direction Eric Sleichim | light design Luc Schaltin | composition with light design Hans Peter Kuhn | repetitor Bart Bouckaert | video Peter Quasters |  realisation cube, stage manager brecht beuselinck | sound Karel Marynissen, Martijn Van Renterghem | lighting design, technique Luc Schaltin (Kaaitheater) | technique Klaas Trekker | BL!NDMAN [sax]: Koen Maas, soprano & baritone, Roeland Vanhoorne, alto & tenor, Piet Rebel, tenor, Raf Minten, baritone | BL!NDMAN [drums]: Ruben Cooman, Tom De Cock, Yves Goemaere, Hannes Nieuwlaet, percussion | BL!NDMAN [strings]: Floris Uytterhoeven, violin, Pieter Jansen, violin, Ine Kuypers, viola, Joyce Kuipers, cello | BL!NDMAN [vox]: Griet De Geyter, soprano, Els Monderlaers, mezzosoprano, Kevin Skelton, tenor, Tiemo Wang, bass | production BL!NDMAN (Brussels) | co-production Concertgebouw (Bruges), deSingel (Antwerp), Ars Musica (Brussels), Kaaitheater (Brussels) | thanks Muziektheater Transparant, Joost Fonteyne, Rik Beuselinck, Guy Danel, Tom Pauwels