Ecopolis 2019




ATTENTION: during the weekend of 9-10/11, Infrabel will be working on the tracks around Brussels-Midi, which will result in adapted Brussels rail routes. Checking > is advised.

It is the most sensational event of the past year: the massive protest of young people against the climate impasse. This Generation Hope holds up a mirror to politicians and has catapulted the climate crisis to the centre of our social debate. By uniting, refusing to accept half-hearted measures and insisting on radical climate policies, young people have occupied a prominent place on the political stage. How can we keep the earth’s warming under 1.5°C? What are the policies that we need? Ecopolis 2019 is a special edition for but especially with #GenerationHope, on the theme of a sustainable future on a liveable planet.

Theatre makers Anoek Nuyens and Rebekka De Wit start the day with two monologues: one for the government, one for the citizen.


Joke Hermsen
Christian Felber
Sherilyn MacGregor
Maeve Cohen
Christian Schwarwer
Tine Hens
Anissa Boujdaini
Mariyam Safi
Walter Lotens
Youna Marette
Elvis Peeters
Stijn Warmenhoven
Yameogo Sountonguenoma Désiré
Toon Lambrechts
Anoek Nuyens & Rebekka de Wit

partners Kaaitheater, Oikos denktank, Broederlijk Delen, Passa Porta, Arbeid & Milieu, Kunstenpunt, Etopia, ACT, FMDO, VUB Crosstalks, Green European Foundation | media partner De Standaard | with the support of Vlaams Fonds Voor de Letteren, Tridos Bank, European Union