DD Dorvillier/human future dance corps [US]

Danza Permanente

Danza Permanente
Danza Permanente

17.01 – 18.01.2014

Visual music

The choreography of Danza Permanente comes from a musical composition created in Vienna two centuries ago by a deaf man, Beethoven. In this new work, the score is transposed into movement for four dancers, each taking the part of a single instrument. They embody the musical structure and dynamics of the string quartet, behaving as sound, in silence.

The transposition is by choreographer DD Dorvillier and composer Zeena Parkins, with dancers Fabian Barba, Nuno Bizarro, Walter Dundervill, Naiara Mendioroz, and rehearsal assistant Heather Kravas. The lighting design by Thomas Dunn and the acoustic environment by Zeena Parkins follow the score, framing the silence and the dance. DD Dorvillier will exceptionally dance herself in both Brussels performances, replacing the injured Nuno Bizarro.

• DD Dorvillier was born in Puerto Rico but has lived and worked in New York for many years. Jennifer Lacey, Jan Ritsema and Pavol Liska (Nature Theatre of Oklahoma) are some of the people she has worked with. Language, perception, representation and their imperfections are recurring themes in her work. DD Dorvillier has appeared at the Kaaitheater in 2010 with the beautiful Choreography, a Prologue for the Apocalypse of Understanding, Get Ready!.

From the score of Ludwig Van Beethoven's String Quartet #15, in A Minor, Op. 132, 'Heiliger Dankgesang'
I Assai sostentuto
II. Allegro ma non tanto
III. Molto adagio
'Heiliger Dankgesang eines Genesenen an die Gottheit in der lydischen Tonart.'
IV. Alla Marcia, assai vivace
V. Allegro appassionato
Violino - Naiara Mendioroz and Fabian Barba
Viola – DD Dorvillier
Violoncello - Walter Dundervill
With the voices of Heike Liss, Jonathan Bepler and Carla Kihlstedt

choreography & concept DD Dorvillier | acoustic environment, musical direction and analysis Zeena Parkins | created with Fabian Barba, Nuno Bizarro, Walter Dundervill, Naiara Mendioroz | performers Fabian Barba, DD Dorvillier, Walter Dundervill, Naiara Mendioroz | artistic adviser/rehearsal assistant Heather Kravas | lighting design Thomas Dunn | costumes Michelle Amet | technical director Jeff Englander | sound guru Sébastien Roux | project manager Milka Djordjevich | European management Colin Pitrat | production human future dance corps | co-production/commission Rencontres chorégraphiques Seine-St. Denis (Bagnolet), The Kitchen (New York), French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF), Crossing the Line Festival (New York); STUK Kunstencentrum (Leuven), Centre National de Danse Contemporaine (Angers), PACT Zollverein (Essen) | major production support from The MAP Fund, primarily funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, with additional support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation; from FUSED (French-US Exchange in Dance), a program of the National Dance Project/New England Foundation for the Arts, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York, and FACE (French American Cultural Exchange) with lead funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and The Florence Gould Foundation, and through a fellowship in choreography from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation | created during residencies at STUK, PACT, Performing Arts Forum, and CNDC Angers, and supported by the Menagerie de Verre, Paris in the frame of studiolabs, as well as the studios at the Centre National de la Danse in Pantin, France