Johan Reyniers & Thierry Lewyllie [BE]

Dansaertstraat # 3 - Winter

Dansaertstraat # 3 - Winter
Dansaertstraat # 3 - Winter

The third instalment of the photonovel by the author Johan
Reyniers and photographer Thierry Lewyllie.
Jennifer continues to hope for reconciliation with Jerry. She
discovers to her dismay that there is something going on between
him and Alix. Simon sees Emma while he is on a business trip to
London. Their encounter gets a little out of hand… Winter in

€ 5 (1 edition), € 20 (5 editions subscription)
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script & direction Johan Reyniers | photography
Thierry Lewyllie | production Johan Reyniers &
Thierry Lewyllie | delegate producer Kaaitheater |
support Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, Faro-Vlaams
steunpunt voor cultureel erfgoed, Brussel Deze Week,
Vlaams-Nederlands Huis deBuren