The Political Party curated by Michiel Vandevelde and Maria Dogahe

Alternative Election Show


On the eve of the European, federal and regional elections, The Political Party is organizing an alternative election show to offer a stage to the opinionmakers of tomorrow: thinkers, authors, artists and citizens who currently operate primarily in the margins of mainstream debate. Nine young, progressive will explore eight themes. How will we face and tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow together?

Europe – Rachael Moore

Access to justice – Christelle Umugwaneza

Labour and precarity – Samira Atillah

Ecology – Warda El-Kaddouri

Democracy and the supra-national level – Louise Hoon

Decolonization – Harmony Benegusenga & Eric Cyuzuzo

Education – Marie Dossin

Public health – Eva Havelková

by & with The Political Party

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Michiel Vandevelde

Ends of worlds


Ends of worlds
Ends of worlds


Thu 04.04 - Fri 05.04.19

How can we say something about the future through the lens of the past? Michiel Vandevelde examines the recent history of western modern and contemporary dance, from Isadora Duncan to Anna Halprin. In five speculative acts about the past from the future, the present is inevitably reflected upon. This way, choreography becomes a form of science-fiction.

Michiel Vandevelde & 431

Precarious Pavilions #2 – the new local

Precarious Pavilions #2 – the new local
Precarious Pavilions #2 – the new local


Wed 10.10 - Sat 13.10.18

Artist-in-residence at Kaaitheater Michiel Vandevelde is touring four cities with his Precarious Pavilions. In each city, he builds a pavilion with a different artist, each time asking the question: ‘How do we deal with space and architecture in this unstable world?’ For his second pavilion in Brussels, choreographer Michiel Vandevelde and the collective 431 are coming to the Place de la Monnaie.