Irina Lavrinovic & Asher Lev

Er is geen vertaling beschikbaar in het Nederlands.

An enthusiastic group of artists will conduct experiments in our theatre halls and rehearsal spaces or elsewhere. They will ruminate on different ways of living and working: how can you develop an arts practice in times with no live audiences? Output is permitted, but not required!

The measures of distancing have made it impossible to have any kind of physical intimacy between performers and spectators. Mediated by contemporary online technology and transmitted into personal computers, phones and tablets, new online performances constitute public space by gathering people together in one virtual room and by offering them a live and immediate performance.

Irina Lavrinovic and Asher Lev’s previous live online experiment, Ms. 5G & The Respiratory Machine, was performed and transmitted from their private home. They would like to use this opportunity to explore the context of the public theatre stage/building/institution. Irina and Asher ask, what kind of different voices can emerge from a ‘traditional’ public performance setting under such a unique, historical, social and technological urgency? In other words, how can the theatre perform itself differently today, through a live online cinematic performance? 

This residency is part of a larger research plan Irina and Asher are engaged in this year which is an attempt to map out the general acceleration in the use of live virtual platforms for performance making.