Student Repertoire C

Student Repertoire C
Student Repertoire C


Vingt-deux étudiants de quatorze pays différents achèvent leurs quatre années de formation à PARTS, l’école bruxelloise de danse contemporaine que dirige Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, par plusieurs programmes.

Dans Student repertoire, les étudiants puisent par ailleurs dans le très riche arsenal d’œuvres créées préalablement et reprennent ainsi A Love Supreme d’Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker et Salva Sanchis.

The Breakfast Club (2012)
choreography, text and performance Bryana Fritz & Christoffer Schieche | thanks to: Bojana Cvejic

A toast to the man in the swimming hole! We see you yesterday as you will be bathing in the hole. A drink to your past health. May you have been brought up to be the man you are tomorrow. And may you remember the names of all the cities you have, are and had lived in. And may you remember their spelling to a tee! Let us drink to thee!

choreography & performance: Jason Respilieux, Darko Radosavljev, Alma Toaspern

Race caR
choreography & performance: James McGinn & Tiran Willemse

A Love Supreme
original choreography: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker & Salva Sanchis (2005) | music: John Coltrane, “A Love Supreme” | project director: Salva Sanchis | dance: Bryana Fritz (US), Jason Respilieux (BE), Christoffer Schieche (SE), Thomas Vantuycom (BE)