Dance Day is a initiative by Flemish and Brussels dance organisations to make a broader public more aware of contemporary dance and thereby spotlight Belgium’s vigorous dance culture. Dance has always been closely associated with the history of the Kaaitheater – it’s in our DNA. The programme takes a look at the range of dance today: from virtuoso dance to performance art.

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Vera Tussing, Esse Vanderbruggen & Stine Sampers

Duet the City

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Duet the City
Duet the City


Sat 27.04.19

In a choreography that transmits itself only by means of Stine Sampers’ photos, Vera Tussing and Esse Vanderbruggen re-situate their work in the urban landscape of Brussels, and then upload it to Instagram. On Dance Day, they invite you to Kaaitheater for a discussion on the meeting of their practices, and a physical sharing of the digital material.