Theatre during corona

Finally, we can go back to the theatre together! It will (briefly) not be like it was before, but we definitely want to ensure you have a pleasant cultural evening. You will be in good hands: we have adapted our entire operations to comply with the rules around distance and hygiene.


  • In order to make optimal use of the auditorium, the audience is seated according to a checkerboard pattern. This means that the row number on your ticket no longer applies. We will guide you to your seat personally, and always ensure that every other seat is empty. Please note: even within bubbles, we will keep every other seat empty.
  • From 8 October, all Brussels cafés will be closed for at least a month to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. For the time being, theatre cafés are also included. Before or after performances, it will not be possible to have a drink or order food. 

  • However, we will make the café space available to wait for the auditorium doors to open. There is no point in coming to Kaaitheater very early. We advise arriving fifteen minutes before the start of the performance.
  • It is obligatory to wear a mouth mask everywhere in Brussels, including inside Kaaitheater and the auditorium before, during and after the performance. You may only take it off if you sit down at a table at the Kaaicafé.
  • We have adapted our entire operations to comply with the rules around distance and hygiene. For example, we have introduced a circulation plan, several disinfection stations and sufficient distance between social bubbles. These are to be used with common sense.
  • The ventilation system in the auditorium ensures the constant flow of fresh outside air.
  • It is no longer permitted to provide a cloakroom, but you will have enough space around your seat to put your coat or bag away. A folding bicycle parking lot is available inside.
  • Do you feel ill? If so, please stay home.

Brussels Safety Health LabelThe safety and health of our audience, the artists and our staff members is paramount, so we comply strictly with the guidelines of the government and experts. For the time being, we are only announcing programme until the end of 2020. We have opted for short-term communication in order to take the changing circumstances into account as efficiently as possible.