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Goldberg Variations 1-15 & 16-30 (DVD) by Steve Paxton & Walter Verdin

You could own a copy of The Goldberg Variations! The disc includes an introduction by Steve Paxton, a live registration of the final performance in Amsterdam, and an excerpt from Ziggurat (BRTN) about the shooting and editing process.

Goldberg Variations 1-15 25:48
BY J.S. Bach PLAYED BY Glenn Gould IMPROVISED BY Steve Paxton FILMED BY Walter Verdin
MUSIC RECORDING FROM 1981 VIDEO RECORDED AT Felix Meritis, Amsterdam april 1992

Goldberg Variations 16-30 27:42
BY J.S. Bach PLAYED BY Glenn Gould IMPROVISED BY Steve Paxton FILMED BY Walter Verdin
MUSIC RECORDING FROM 1955 VIDEO RECORDED AT Felix Meritis, Amsterdam april 1992

1. Steve Paxton’s Introduction 4:58 | About the creation of the performance
2. The Last Performance 50:17 | Amsterdam 11 April 1992 – A live registration of the fi nal performance that took place after the shooting period
3. Excerpt from Ziggurat 14:29 | About the shooting and the editing of Goldberg Variations – BRTN/Flemish Television, 1992 – English subtitles

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Goldberg Variations trailer from Kaaitheater on Vimeo.

dance improvisation Steve Paxton | directed by Walter Verdin | music Goldberg Variations 1-15 & 16-30, by J.S. Bach, played by Glenn Gould | camera Serge Everdepoel | sound Bart Vanvoorden | editing and mixing Walter Verdin | director’s assistant & Hi8 Anne Van Aerschot | electrician Inne Box | technical assistance Paul Bruinsma, Piet De Koster | dramaturgy Marianne Van Kerkhoven | musical advice Kaat De Windt | postproduction audiovisuele dienst K.U. Leuven | mastered at Ace Editing Facilities (Brussels) | production office Celesta Rottiers, Eric Krols | production manager Koen Bauwens | production Kaaitheater (Brussels) | in coproduction with The Kitchen (New York), Audiovisuele Dienst K.U.Leuven, Hebbeltheater (Berlin), Felix Meritis (Amsterdam), Nederlands Instituut Voor De Dans (Amsterdam) | in collaboration with Antwerpen 93 - Cultural Capital of Europe, National Endowment For The Arts - Dance Program | produced by Hugo De Greef for Kaaitheater (Brussels), Steve Gross& Barbara L. Tsumagari for The Kitchen (New York), Joannes Van Heddegem for Audiovisuele Dienst K.U.Leuven | based on the live performance The Goldberg Variations By J.S. Bach, Played By Glenn Gould In 1981 And 1955 And Improvised By Steve Paxton | filmed at the Felix Meritis Concert Hall, Amsterdam, April 1992 | with thanks to Peter Missotten, Guido De Bruyn, Dirk Leunis, Annie Declerck, Rob Klooster, Koen Van Daele, Jan Ryckaert, Eric De Dobbelaere, Lisa Nelson, Mathias Vanbuel, Justine Ampe, Herman Croux, Eva Decaesstecker, Anne Van Aerschot, Hugo Vanden Driessche, Myriam Van Imschoot, Joannes Van Heddegem, Bart Vanvoorden, Didier Deneuter, VRT Beeldarchief, everybody at Kaaitheater and Felix Meritis | copyright Kaaitheater, 1992-1993 DVD, Steve Paxton, Walter Verdin | published by Kaaitheater – Guy Gypens, Videolepsia – Walter Verdin