International networks

Art, Climate, Transition

Ours is an age of climate breakdown, mass extinction and unprecedented loss of biodiversity. Ours is a Europe of increasing populist and nationalist tendencies. In only a few years since the Paris COP21-agreements the awareness and urgency of our climate issues is perceived broadly but acted upon too little, too late. These realities are not separated from each other, but closely interconnected. ACT is a European cooperation on arts, ecology and climate change, looking for a connection to the interlinked issues of inequality, climate justice and urban ecologies.

The hope I am interested in is about broad perspectives with specific possibilities, ones that invite or demand that we act.’ – REBECCA SOLNIT



  • Theater Rotterdam – Netherlands (project leader)
  • ArtsAdmin – London – UK
  • Bunker – Ljubljana – Slovenia
  • Culturgest – Lisbon – Portugal
  • COAL – Paris – France
  • Domino – Zagreb – Croatia
  • Kaaitheater – Brussels – Belgium
  • Kampnagel – Hamburg – Germany
  • Lokomotiva – Skopje – Macedonia
  • NTIL – Riga – Latvia




Be My Guest brings together eleven international partners that are attentive to the renewal of artistic forms and which are well-known for their commitment to artists. Based on the collaboration, trust and freedom of the exchanges, Be My Guest reflects on flexible ways of responding to the needs of artists, it is attentive to their trajectories, and it is founded on a relationship of invested support which is sustained over the long-term. Be My Guest is also a space for reflection on our professional practice and its connection to current social issues.



  • Artsadmin – London – UK
  • Belluard Festival – Fribourg – Switzerland
  • BUDA – Kortrijk – Belgium
  • ICI-CCN – Montpellier – France
  • Kaaitheater – Brussels – Belgium
  • La Bellone – Brussels – Belgium
  • L'Officina / Festival Dansem – Marseille – France
  • Materiais Diversos – Lisbon – Portugal
  • Parallèle – Marseille – France 
  • Short Theatre – Rome – Italy 
  • Tanzquartier – Vienna – Austria
  • Théâtre Saint-Gervais – Genève – Switzerland