How to Be Many...

This is Kaaitheater’s motto. It is a question that contains many questions. These themes run through the Kaaitheater new programme like thematic lines. Look for the questions throughout this brochure and let yourself be inspired in your choices.


How to Be Many in the City?
Together, we talk, think and dream about a city where there is room for everyone. Discover how the makers and thinkers of today are imagining the possibilities for the city of tomorrow.

How to Be Many on Earth?
The climate issue may have become mainstream, but the urgency is still as great. How can we live together on this planet, with respect for every living creature? Artists are uniquely capable of translating their fascination with these big questions into participative projects, sensory performances or penetrating conversations.

How to Meet in Many Languages?
For some, multilingualism is an asset, for others a burden. What is true is that the theme touches many people, parents, teachers and inspires artists. So much happens between the languages and silence. Take part in the conversation!

How to Tell Many Stories?
Storytelling is an ancient tradition found in all cultures. These contemporary performing artists make inventive use of the ingredients of storytelling: voice, role, language, image and interaction.

How to Love in Many Ways?
Broaden your view of love and physicality. Because the repertoire of love forms, standards and stories needs to be revised.

How to Be Many in the Future?
Utopia, science fiction or a personal story... These artists draw from the past to face the future in a new way.