Burning Ice

The oldest European seed bank

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The oldest European seed bank
The oldest European seed bank


Sun 30.03 - Sun 30.03.14

Burning Ice - The Botanical Gardens houses the oldest European seed bank. It keeps the seeds of rare indigenous wild plants and there is a particular focus on its collection of wild beans and fabaceous plants. It is only very exceptionally that it is possible to have a guided tour of this unique seed bank.


Het Groene Boek

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Het Groene Boek
Het Groene Boek


On 29 May 2011 you can attend the launch of the first ‘Green Book’ at
the Zuiderpershuis in Antwerp. How can we change from a consumer society
with its increasing inequality to a society that respects ecological
boundaries and achieves social justice? This is the question that The
Green Book tries to answer, by means of inspiring books, documentaries,
debates and suchlike.