Two Weights, Another Measure: in situ artwork for renovated Kaaitheater

The Kaaitheater renovations, commissioned by the Flemish government, will take off this summer. We are delighted to announce that multidisciplinary artist Elen Braga has been selected to create a work that will have a prominent place in the new building. This commission was prepared by Platform Kunst in Opdracht, Kaaitheater and Architectuuratelier Ambiorix and was assigned by the Flemish government.

Braga is a Brazilian artist living in Brussels, with a recent focus on tufted carpets, full of scenes and figures. For her submitted project Two Weights, Another Measure, she will collect stories from underrepresented residents of Brussels through participatory workshops in public spaces. These stories will form the source material for a tufted carpet, with a sculptural component as a counterbalance. As a connecting element, Braga wants to use the system of manual theatre pulls used in Kaaitheater until now, which will be automated during the renovations.

We are very much looking forward to the collaboration!