This was Performatik19

It is over. After 11 festival days it is time to catch our breath and look back at the huge variety of moments and impressions.

Performatik19 featured:
97 performances
12 festival partners
7 salons
100 pulverized bricks
36 hammock sessions
480 candles blown out with speakers
9 farewell rituals
4 female saints
48 portraits of women brought to life
173 climbed steps
42 hours of being buried alive 
3 meters high Bialetti coffee maker
32 buried bees
500 mandarins
240 narrowly missing punches
18 unpacked and re-packed artworks
50 disturbed powernaps
2.500 firecrackers
800 concert selfies
3 DJ sets
& 1 goat

We placed 4 artists in front of the camera for an interview, and made recordings of the 7 Performatik salons. Watch all that video material here.





13.03.2019 - KAAITHEATERTo open Performatik19, Tate Modern performance curator Catherine Wood discusses her recently published book Performance in Contemporary Art with artist Jimmy Robert. Curator Daniel Blanga-Gubbay moderates the conversation.


15.03.2019 - KAAITHEATER
How do artists let the story they want to tell determine if their work will become a film, a sculpture, a painting, an installation, a choreography or performance? What negotiations take place when they appropriate different disciplinary specialisms? How do they play with their spatial and temporal parameters? What is the politics of indisciplinary practices?


15.03.2019 - KAAISTUDIO'S
A discussion on art, representation, gender and race with Jimmy Robert, Courtney Henry and Alexis Blake. Moderated by Sara Jansen.


17.03.2019 - KAAITHEATER
One of the Performatik19 threads is death, loss and performativity. In March we will commemorate the 2016 attacks on Brussels. During U-Loss, Barbara Raes will develop new rituals around loss, together with six artists with very different cultural backgrounds. Pieter Van Bogaert thinks and talks about the beauty of the end. Lotte van den Berg will explore the borders between performance, therapy and politics, while IN/FINITY looks at the inter-section between care and art. This discussion is moderated by Katleen Van Langendonck.


20.03.2019 - KANAL — Centre Pompidou
A discussion on the heritage of Bauhaus with Alex Arteaga, Vladimir Miller, An Fonteyne, Radouan Mriziga and Ula Sickle. Pieter T'Jonck moderates the conversation. To start off, Veronique Boone offers an introduction on the Bauhaus movement.


22.03.2019 - WIELS
This salon explores cross disciplinary practices that draw upon conventions of the visual and the performing arts with Ula Sickle, Alexis Blake, and Noé Soulier. Moderated by Zoë Gray.


23.03.2019 - BOZAR
A discussion on performance art and art fairs with Ellen de Bruijne, Liv Vaisberg, Julie Vandenbroucke, and Sarah & Charles. Moderated by Emmanuel Lambion.