RE:RITE - Touching on (daily) rituals

Throughout the 2017-2018 season, we focused on rituals. RE:RITE offered tools to rethink existing rituals and invent new ones. With as a leitmotif a chaplet of seven major and minor transitional moments. Below you will find an overview of long reads, video reports of debates and artist talks and interviews.

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Be swept away in a cyclical motion, from one season to the next.

The Monastery A-LIFEread the interview with monk Elle

Peter Venmans Over Hannah Arendt en Nataliteit (in Dutch)



Contemplate death – and its symbols and rituals – as part of daily life.

Barbara Raes - Beyond the spoken read the interview with Barbara Raes

Thomas Quartier Performing Death. Rituals and Spirituality of Human Finitude




Rudi Meulemans Om niet te gronde te gaan. Persoonlijke notities bij IN/FINITY (in Dutch)



Explore the power of sleep – in a time in which we could as well be awake 24 hours a day.

David Weber-Krebs The Guardians of Sleepread the interview with David Weber-Krebs

Patricia Portela on Parasomnia



How do you experience an artwork beyond sight and hearing?

Vera Tussing The Palm of Your Hand IIread the interview with Vera Tussing

Piet De Vos in the frame work of The Humane Body → read the interview with Piet De Vos

La Piscine


Darian Leader Hands, What We Do With Them And Why



Turn your gaze to the east to discover a new way of thinking.

Richard Schechner Theatre, Performance and Ritual


Edel Maex & Henk Oosterling Tussen Oost en West (in Dutch)



Focus on the complex, often fragile relationship between mind and body.

Eris Thys, the vaccuum cleaner, Hannah Hull & Inne Goris Creativity & Psychiatric Vulnerability



What happens when you become part of a larger, collective WHOLE?

Gisèle Vienne CROWD read the interview

Benjamin Vandewalle Walking the Lineread the interview

Michiel Vandevelde & fABULEUS Paradise Now (1968-2018) read the interview


SYMPOSIUM Rituals in artistic practice

In light of RE:RITE, we invited an array of artists and researchers to reflect on their usage of ritualistic elements during a day full of talks, interactive sharings, and… celebrations.

Watch more videos of the symposium here.