Join a special breathing experiment!

The project BREATHCORE has been an ongoing investigation of the dynamics of breath within a social, artistic and political context.

Michael Schmid initiated the project in the summer of 2015 and has since then organized a number of BREATHCORES for different cultural venues and festivals.

In this edition of BREATHCORE – THE SCORE the focus will lay on the development of a breath-score for a public. Breath is located in the body and serves as the basis of theatricality in everyday life, through combining speech, action and thoughts in relation to an explicit level of meaning. Breath is generic and a tool shared by all humans. The psycho-physicality of human embodiment is activated through the act of breathing. Different breathing techniques allow us to modify our mental-, emotional-, sensational- and physical- states. This will serve as the basis for the development of an inner dramaturgy for a public who, by following simple instructions, modifies their perception through breathing.

Commissioned by IN/FINITY, a preliminary research has been taking place together with the guests (patients) at Topaz since March 2017.

Due to its participative nature, this performance can only be performed in the presence of an audience. For the final development of this work we seek 30 volunteers who are motivated to experiment with breath and are willing to play the role of spectators and contribute with feedback.

The workshops and try-outs will lay a special focus on breathing exercises from various cultures and traditions (Pranayama, Qigong, Middendorf, Sufism, Hypnosis, etc.), communication methods (David Bohm a.o.), non-verbal synchronization methods and skill sharing techniques.

 “The mind is the king of the senses and the breath is the king of the mind…” – BKS Iyengar

23 October     17:00-22:00
24 October     17:00-22:00
25 October     17:00-22:00

26 October     17:00-17:30

Kaaistudio's, 81 Rue Notre Dame du Sommeil, 1000 Brussels (plan your route)

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Thu 26.10.17

The Kaaitheater is supporting the three-year artistic-participative project IN/FINITY by TOPAZ, in which artists and the guests/patients at the centre engage in dialogue on the theme of (in)finity.