Jaakko Pallasvuo

Worktable #01: The End


We seem to live in an age of perpetual crisis. News feeds promote catastrophic thinking, the rapid destruction of our ecosystem underlines the political and cultural low we find our planet in.
But post-apocalyptic narratives are often fantasies about simplicity: the end of the world is complexity wiped out. A world without politics, a world without administration. Pure desire and despair, Mad Max wandering the desert alone. Does art practice gain or lose meaning in shitty times?

In the framework of Burning Ice, visual artist Jaakko Pallasvuo will organize a Worktable around the vague feeling that our civilization is approaching its end. An invitation to think about refusal as a form of practice, to meditate on radical artworld quitters like Lee Lozano and Charlotte Posenenske. The round table discussion will happen around a tablecloth Jaakko has sown together, which will later be elevated into a peace banner. There will be candlelight, incense and self-distilled liqueur. RSVP. No future!