Auranne Leray / Kurt Deruyter + Johan Reyniers [BE]

Verhalenmachine / La machine à raconter

17.09 – 21.09.2014

A total of 52 folk tales, fairy tales, sagas, legends and myths, ... recounted beneath the wings of an amazing bicycle. This strange structure creates an intimate space in the middle of a crowded, busy city. Come and see it unfold, take a seat and give your imagination free rein. People from everywhere will come to tell stories from all over the world – stories of the people of Brussels living in the Canal area. An ode to the many cultures who are Brussels’ wealth.

Idea selected from Kanal Play Ground Open Call | Coaching Bruno Renson | Partners ZINNEKE, Cyclo | Production ZINNEKE formation/opleiding Metal & Machinerie 2014 | Thanks to Jan Detavernier