Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company [US]

Untitled Feminist Show

23.05 – 26.05.2012

An American of Korean origin, Young Jean Lee develops theatre that destabilises cultural representations of identity and refers us back to our own stereotypes. This time she tackles the politics of gender. Featuring six charismatic female theoreticians and performers who come from different worlds, from cultural studies to queer activism by way of the neo-burlesque, Untitled Feminist Show humorously undermines the social constructs of the masculine and the feminine. This show – somewhere between a militant happening, a liberating choreography and a cabaret – lays bare the gap between what we think we are and what we could become outside the norms.

conceived & directed by Young Jean Lee | featuring Becca Blackwell, World Famous *BOB*, Amelia Zirin-Brown (aka Lady Rizo), Hilary Clark, Katy Pyle, Regina Rocke | produced by Aaron Rosenblum | scenic design David Evans Morris | lighting design Raquel Davis | sound design Chris Giarmo & Jamie McElhinney | projection design Leah Gelpe | dramaturgy Mike Farry | presentation Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Kaaitheater | commissioned by the Walker Art Center (Minneapolis) | production Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company (New York City) | co-production Kunstenfestivaldesarts, steirischer herbst (Graz), Walker Art Center (Minneapolis), Spalding Gray Award (Performance Space 122 New York, Warhol Museum Pittsburgh, On the Boards Seattle)