How to recognize, fight and prevent domestic abuse?

Triene Mie Lecompte, Anne Groenen, Olivier Slosse & Annabelle van Nieuwenhuyse 

Triene Mie Lecompte, Anne Groenen, Olivier Slosse & Annabelle van Nieuwenhuyse 
Triene Mie Lecompte, Anne Groenen, Olivier Slosse & Annabelle van Nieuwenhuyse 


One of the most harmful outcomes of the pandemic worldwide has been the sharp increase in domestic violence. In this conversation, we ask Triene-Mie Le Copmpte and Anne Groenen, two professionals in the field, from their own perspective to shed light on the realities of domestic violence as portrayed in Markus Ohrn’s piece. 

We will also invite Olivier Slosse, the chief of police of the Brussels-North police zone and who played an important role in the creation of the Care Centre after Sexual Violence, to reflect on what the City of Brussels has done so far to combat the problem, and what challenges and opportunities still lie ahead. All this will be moderated by Annabelle van Nieuwenhuyse.

• Triene-Mie Le Compte, expert by experience, and Anne Groenen, scientist and mediator, stand up for the protection of women's and children's rights. They do this specifically around partner violence, informing, sensitising and motivating to break the cycle of violence. On International Women's Day, they published their book Als liefde overleven wordt – de vele gezichten van partnergeweld (When Love Becomes Survival – the many faces of partner violence).

The Panel Conversation is part of a bigger program organised around the performance Domestic Violence. Discover the agenda below:

Friday 11 March:

18:30 - 00:00: Exhibition

19:00 - 00:00: Performance Domestic Violence


Saturday 12 March:

Snacks and drinks available

11:00 - 23:00: Exhibition

11:00 - 13:00: Workshop on the (un)limits and (il)legit uses of violence in art and performance by Axel Pleeck

13:00 - 14:30: Break (possibility to buy lunch)

14:30 - 16:30: Conversation between Triene Mie Lecompte, Anne Groenen and Olivier Slosse moderated by Annabelle van Nieuwenhuyse 

17:00 - 22:00: Performance Domestic Violence

22:00 - 23:00: Aftertalk with Markus Öhrn 


Continuous Exhibition

• Exhibition by Teresa Sdralevich and Lungomare

• Library by Rosa VZW

There's more

Markus Öhrn

Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence
Fri 11.03 - Sat 12.03.22

A rudimentary living room with IKEA furniture turns out to be a hotbed of terrible pain and suffering. This five-hour performance by two actors and a pianist is based on real statistics and court cases related to domestic violence. Without needing dialogue, Markus Öhrn dissects the banality and brutality of domestic violence.

Art & Violence/Dangerous Liaisons

Axel Pleeck


Axel Pleeck
Axel Pleeck
Sat 12.03.22

In this dialogue workshop we will dive deep into the art of cruelty. The use of cruelty and violence in art - like we see in Markus Ohrn's Domestic Violence - has a long history of shocking the bourgeoisie into awareness. As aesthetic shock has been an important motor of cultural innovation for over a century, arriving at this age, we revisit this important question: Is violence still able to shock the bourgeoise into betterment, and if so, what bourgeoise and what betterment are we talking about? Are there proper or improper ways of bludgeoning audiences into getting the point? Led by Axel Pleeck, this workshop uses the dialogical format The Jar, which creates a dynamic discussion that allows everyone to speak and participate in an equal way.

#SomethingIsWrong poster campaign

#SomethingIsWrong poster campaign
#SomethingIsWrong poster campaign


Fri 25.02.22

Along with the performance Domestic Violence by Markus Öhrn, Kaaitheater partnered up with Lungomare to set up an awareness campaign on relational violence. In line with the existing poster campaign #qualcosanonva, new posters were made in Dutch, English and French and distributed 750 times throughout the city of Brussels.